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| May 18, 2021

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NEWS: 'Electric Vehicle' blog series coming to TheEffect.Net

NEWS: ‘Electric Vehicle’ blog series coming to TheEffect.Net
Derek Reilly

Let’s start focusing on electric vehicles (EVs).

The are delighted to announce that we are going to be partnering with a number of car brands in Ireland over the coming months to bring you a new series of blogs specifically focusing on electric vehicles (EVs).

Feedback from our followers and talks amongst the team here in HQ tell us there is a real appetite for information on EV availability, EV usage and all that goes with owning one.

Volkswagen e-Golf -the Executive Edition

Starting off the series is the announcement below about the new Volkswagen e-Golf – the Executive Edition. We hope to get behind the wheel of one over the coming weeks and give you our first hand opinion. See their press release below.

VW e-Golf - The Executive Edition

VW e-Golf – The Executive Edition

“Volkswagen Ireland has revealed a new, additional version of the e-Golf – the Executive Edition. This compact EV is aimed at those private or business buyers that want the ultimate e-Golf. In addition to the already well-appointed e-Golf, the Executive Edition adds 17-inch ‘Madrid’ alloy wheels**, LED tail lights with running indications, a full leather interior with Sports comfort seats in front, Active Info Display, Rear-View Camera, Heated Front Seats, Tinted Rear Windows and Keyless Access. The added equipment adds up to a total
of €4,700 but the car costs just €3,500 in addition to the standard e-Golf.


The e-Golf Executive Edition, (€49,495 before any grants are applied) can avail of a range of incentives including 0% Benefit in Kind, which is capped at €50,000 OMV and 100% Accelerated Capital Allowance*** of up to €24,000. This makes the car an ideal solution for business customers wishing to start their electro-mobility journey and avail of significantly reduced running costs compared to petrol or diesel models. There is also the benefit of reduced toll fees, free public charging and in the case of some local authorities, free parking when charging.

VW e-Golf - The Executive Edition

VW e-Golf – The Executive Edition

Commenting on the new Executive Edition e-Golf, Volkswagen Ireland Brand Director Gerrit Heimberg said; “this is an exciting time for Volkswagen as we embark on the new electro- mobility strategy here in Ireland. We have secured increased Public supplies of the e-Golf for 2019. Therefore, new Executive Edition is for buyers wanting the ‘ultimate e-Golf’ while availing of the benefits of 0% BIK. Plus, all of these benefits come in a Golf, which is a car that has been loved by Irish customers for generations.”

* After applicable VRT Rebate and SEAI grants
** 17-inch wheels will reduce the range under WLTP by 13km. WLTP range of e-Golf is 230km, WLTP range of e-Golf Executive Edition is 217km (Combined Cycle).
*** For cars coming under the category “Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles” the
accelerated allowance is based on the lower of the actual cost of the vehicle or €24,000.

Finally, we hope you enjoy our new series of blogs specifically focusing on electric vehicles (EVs).


  1. Cool. You might be interested in a project I’m leading at the moment, which is aimed at informing people about what it’s really like to own and drive an EV in Ireland:

  2. Colin

    Meet lots of new (Jan 19 first time EV owners) and long time owners at Kildare Village Outlet on 27th Jan 1000hrs.
    You can search the Facebook public event.

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